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AimHire is changing the way we think about Tzedaka by starting careers and supporting families.

Our goal is to facilitate the job placement of individuals who are struggling to find a career while facing the financial responsibilities of a Jewish home. Aim Hire’s platform provides individuals with an opportunity to tackle these challenges head on and with a sense of dignity. The potential to build a lucrative and long-term career is something which goes beyond monetary value.

According to the Jewish philosopher Maimonides, the greatest level of charity is to find employment for a fellow Jew, strengthen his hand and allowing him to be self-dependent.

Job Placement

Many educated, motivated, and intelligent individuals are experiencing financial hardships that are impossible to bear. We are vetting potential job-seekers to ensure that they are properly placed with a job benefactor. If you would like to apply to be a potential recipient of our services, please click here.

Employee Recruitment

We are seeking Jewish business pioneers, such as yourself, who are willing to opt into our program and potentially open their doors to a recipient of our services. Our efforts will not be successful without the participation of those at the top. If you would be interested in opening your doors to a potential beneficiary of our services, please click here.

Stability with Dignity

To continue incentivizing our job benefactors by subsidizing salaries, we rely on the generosity of people like you. If you would like to help us continue our programs and and make a donation, please click here.